My latest cookbook, PORK.FISH, my James Beard Award Nominated cookbook containing recipes for sustainable seafood. Really.FISH: 54 SEAFOOD FEASTS.


Amazing Chicken!
Thighs and Whole Birds.
(Who needs a boneless breast when you can have a thigh?)
Easy. Fresh. Tasty.

The Times of London: The World's Best Chicken Recipes!

The New Steak!

55 steak recipes in 4 chapters: American Steak, Bistro Steak, Latin Steak, and Far East Steak. There are also more than 90 side dishes, which means every steak and sauce combination is paired with a couple of sides for a complete plate that balances flavor, texture, and style. Photos by the very talented Penny De Los Santos.

*Elissa Schappell* writes in the March issue of Vanity Fair:
"The recipes in Cree LeFavour's The New Steak will bring out the beast in shy carnivores and spur tenderloin-holics to tattoo her name on their rump roasts."

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I write recipes so my readers can create distinctive meals that will please, comfort or challenge but never bore. My goal is to surprise by showing readers how successful they can be with little effort. By following a few simple instruction and with some careful shopping anyone can cook - and cook well. Believe me. Organic or pasture-raised meat and poultry, super-fresh fish, a range of spices, serious oil and vinegar, and plenty of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs are what it takes to have a shot at cooking a memorable meal. As a gardener (albeit a lazy one) who grew up on a ranch in Idaho with pigs, cows, chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese and goats, I recognize fresh ingredients by taste and I try to let the virtues of those ingredients work together without getting lost in my recipes. I've accomplished what I set out to do when I wrote these recipe if you're impressed with your own food. The greatest reward of doing this work - and it's not all that glamorous, trust me - is hearing from cooks who have loved their own results.

My most recent cookbook, FISH, came out in November, 2013. It's designed for readers who are serious about eating sustainable fish - you won't find the usual song and dance about sustainability alongside recipes for over-fished eel or skate. There aren't any recipes for non-sustainable species in the book. Period. If you're a cook who needs a little confidence and inspiration in the kitchen, I think you'll find plenty of recipes in FISH that are appealing, different and approachable, whatever your skills and experience.

My previous cookbook, POULET,came out in November 2011. It's a global take on chicken dedicated to thighs, whole birds and fresh, irresistible side dishes. (It's the first chicken cookbook without a single recipe calling for plain old boneless breast!) You'll find five chapters and over fifty recipes for chicken including American Chicken, Latin Chicken, Bistro Chicken, South Asian Chicken, East Asian Chicken and Middle Eastern Chicken.

My first cookbook, THE NEW STEAK (2008) focuses on skirt steak, hangar steak and all the side dishes that make cooking a steak so worthwhile. It's a good choice if you love meat but you're tired of the same-old creamed spinach and potato sides or if you're weary of buying steaks that cost more than your watch.

Before I wrote my first cookbook, I ran my own baking business, Pink Frosting, and taught writing at New York University. I was born in Aspen and moved to central Idaho when I was 11-years-old. After several years in Vermont (my B.A. is from Middlebury College), my husband, Dwight Garner, and I moved to Manhattan where I completed my Ph.D. in American Studies. I now live with my family in Frenchtown, New Jersey alongside the big, beautiful Delaware River.